On 25th march my husband tested covid 19 positive he had no as such symptoms nothing we gone for tests coz we had a trip planned. After found positive we cancelled the trip n he was home quarantine. He did not had fever cough breathlessness or anything we followed the protocol n medicines like ivermectin n azithral. On 14th day he tested covid negative so On 16th day he went on work n after coming home he had fever contracting from someone who had viral fever . My husband had fever for 3-4 days following ups n down . Then he had sore throat n tastelesssness n feeling weakness till date. What happened to him viral fever or still corona?? He is on medication ivermectin doxycycline montair lc zincovit vit. C vit d3

Hey it's difficult to say... This time the mutant strain is difficult to catch... Hope he is feeling better now and recovering... Isolation should be maintained.. continue the medicine suggested by your doctor.. give steams and gargle... Good n healthy food...