Has anybody tried Aptamil? Please give genuine reviews.

Dr. Priyanka Patel please help...

Yes Good. I have used for my son, my pediatrician advised. It contains prebiotics. And prebiotics are good for healthy gut and good immunity of the baby. So get advice from your pediatrician and then choose

Yes I have tried the same for my daughter. It was recommended by my paediatrician and worked well for us

Yes my paediatrician suggested aptamil since it's closest to BM

Yes, Aptamil is ok. i have used Aptamil for my baby. My docor told its components are the closest to mother's milk and boosts baby's immunity too.

Yes I have used it for my son. It's the best formula for babies.

I m using it for my baby . My doctor says it is closest to mother's milk and contains PREBIOTICS which is essential in building healthy gut and also helps to build strong immune system in babies

Yes, I have used it for my son and I have good experience with him. It contains prebiotics, DHA and all essential nutrients.