iam getting some problem piles after delivery but it is not piles when iam going to toilet to much of pain is coming wat can I do

this is a common problem in mom's. please drink lots of water around atleast 3 ltrs and eat fibrus food and veggies less carbs. if you take min of 4 ltrs of liquid including on 1 ltr of milk juice etc then in the next 2-3 days pain will go and then as you continue to do this it gets back to normal.

Are your motions hard ? Do you have piles or not ? The question is not very clear. If it is piles speak to the doctor for an ointment to help relieve the pain. If motions are hard take a mild laxative for a couple of days to ease the motions. At the same time ensure that you are eating high fibre foods and drinking plenty of water.

that is not a piles mam

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