Hi I am having sever leg cramps from last two days. That too when in deep sleep at night. Any remedies for this. I had even more in my first pregnancy

U can try soaking ur legs till calf in warm water with little salt. Keep ur legs straight when u r sitting to avoid sitting in chair position. U can also keep ur legs a little raised while sleeping with the help of few pillows. U might also have some deficiency for that u need to see ur doc.

Hey sandhya..; Can u try massaging ur legs before going to bed wid this oil...; Mustard oil + 3 to 4 garlic + pinch; of ajwain + pinch of methi seeds.. Warm it all..; N then massage ur leg...
I had the same prob n this oil helped me a lot..

Thank you @ Pooja singh malasi and @ Priti Singh. And I tried the oil you told. It's really effect thank you very much and yes today I will speak to my doc about any difficency

Increase ur fluid intake too

A gentle massage before sleeping or soaking ur feet in warm water for some time might help.