Hi , my daughter is 1and1/2 year old. I know that how I learned him more words ?

Hello. Babies are very observant. The more you speak to baby and the more you read the more baby will learn. No need to rush though. Enjoy!

Dear Madhu,
Mothers are known to be the first teachers of the child.
The child learns a lot of things from u even thro' sheer observation.
At this age children are very playful, observant and curious. So u could use these three to introduce various new concepts to ur child.
You can increase the vocabulary or words (or shabdkosh as I love to call it) in variety of ways.
1. Talk to the child about her activities that she does. for eg while bathing "let's take the TUMBLER, fill it with WATER, pour it on ur KNEES. Now apply SOAP...and name the body parts she applies soap on"
Do this during brushing, eating playing, sleep time etc.
2. Books. There are many board books available. Go to any book store and look for simple books. Also Story books like Bruno, Pebbles are good for starters.
3. Use lot of play. Bubbles, nursery rhymes, dance, dolls, animals etc.. Use these for pretend play or role play. So make stories around these and introduce new words.
4. Introduce new things every often to keep curiosity high.

While doing all this make sure ur child is having fun. Please don't go for testing whether the child knows it or doesn't know. We as parents tend to get into this trap.
Just have FUN
Best wishes...

keep talking to your child as much as you can ...tell her bed time about various fruits or vegetables or any other daily routine things...babies r very quick in learning.

don't worry...she will learn