Hi..My daughter is 15 months old..She is not walking independently yet..should I be worried? although she takes 3-4 steps to reach me sometimes , but it seems she is very much cautious while doing so..I am eagerly waiting to see her walking independently

it's just a matter of time daughter started walking only after 2 years. so don't worry..if she is attempting.. that's a good thing. every child is different and some start walking late

Hello. Milestones vary from child to child. Just relax and enjoy your baby. In a matter of time when they start walking you will start running! All the best

dont worry.. she ll walk very soon... generally early talkers are late walkers and vice versa

Thank you Avani, Priya and Ria..much relieved now..

Rasika, there is a wide range of what is considered 'normal'.. some kids start as early as 9 months while others as late as 18 months.. This is all within the normal range.. if she's taking 3-4 steps, then it's just a matter of gaining a bit of confidence. She'll be running to your arms very soon! ☺

Don't worry she will start walking independently soon and its good if she is caution so this will reduce the fall episode .

nothing to worry in that. some children tale longer to develop confidence to walk without support.
she wil learn. try catching her hand n making her walk. mothers hand gives a lot of confidence to early learning.