My baby is 9 days old now and I am down with fever, cough and cold. Can I still breast feed my baby? Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; Dr.Dhanya Prajesh

Dr Mamta Goel Dr. Farah Adam

Yes,,,, no need to stop.. feed baby regularly.. make sure to take bf safe medicines, steaming, hot water n soups, and ensure to clean your hands before touching baby

yes you can shipra. your bm contains antibodies. just keep washing your hands. pls steam, drink lots of warm fluids. gargle. and pls get well soon.

Yes you can... Try that your secretions don't touch baby by keeping; a tissue paper around you all the time and take some medication like cetrizine to avoid your baby getting the same infection

Yes you can. Yesterday the paed explained me that baby will not catch fever or cold if its exclusive breast feeding. Don't worry.;

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa asha chaudhry Rebecca Prakash Dr Mamta Goel thank u so much... I m trying my best to keep my hands clean all the time.

Yes u can breast feed. Just cover ur mouth whilr coughing and sneezing

Please go ahead with breastfeeding. And use a tissue or a napkin to sneeze n cough

Yes u can.. use a mouth mask to avoid the infection passing on to the baby..

My baby 4month cold cough craying

Plz take her to pediatrician