Dear mom,; I'm 9 weeks pregnant.... kindly suggest right health drink and nutritional food for baby development....
I'm also breastfeeding my 18months girl... but my gynaecologist advised to stop bm because I'm Rh-negative...... im finding very difficult to stop weaning ......please help

Khushboo Chouhan

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr Mamta Goel

asha chaudhry

Dr. Neha D. Khodke kindly advise

asha chaudhry

Dr. Payal M pls suggest

asha chaudhry

What to Eat During Your Pregnancy: Foods for Trimester 1

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Anyhow baby is 18months, start introducing finger foods.. toddlers love to have finger foods.. and weaning takes time.. try to get help from family members.. let her involve with them while having meals.. so that she will come to know except mother there are other people in home who can feed food.. while sleeping try to introduce some books, books do wonders to help them sleep by own.. otherwise the last option is you can introduce bottle feed.. use formula feeds..

Priya Sood

Pls eat well. Loads of leafy veggies. ..protein...nuts...you LL find many good articles here on the app. In your free time you can surf

Dr. Payal M

Yes weaning is difficult. Im facing this as well. But it's best u start now. Start by dropping one feed. Distraction works best. Make sure u keep offering a variety of foods. She will have to get accustomed to others for feeding, sleeping n entertainment. Start training her gradually n with a lot of love.
I know of ppl who just cut themselves off the first child when pregnant with the second- I would advise against such an approach.
Go slow and give her care n attention, while also including others in her care. All the best.

asha chaudhry

Dhanalakshmi if someone can put baby to sleep instead of u that really helps. First wean off the day feeds. Then the nite feed. If baby has lots of play time outdoors every evening like at a park she will eat well and sleep well at nite. We got a rocking chair to distract my baby from sleeping with bf.

asha chaudhry

Pls read all the comments on this thread - i had asked moms to share how they weaned off their babies from bf -http://app.babychakra.com/question/37157

asha chaudhry

It takes patience and will happen gradually. Good luck. Keep us updated

Dhanalakshmi Balaji

Thank you so much moms.... surely will work on your suggestions

Dr. Neha D. Khodke

If you want to wean your child, drop one feed every 5 days. Night weaning is most difficult but can be achieved if the baby sleeps in another room. Your mother or sister can help you here. It will take about 5 days for complete night weaning but can be achieved. Hope you have started with Calcium and Vit D supplements as well as folic acid with DHA.

Dhanalakshmi Balaji

Dear Dr. Neha.....im sorry for late response...... my gynaecologist gave only folate tablet...... nothing else..... please suggest suitable supplements and health drink..... #dr . Neha d. Khodke

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