Hello, my baby is 11 months old and does not crawl on hands and knees, she is underweight (6.5 kg) and doesn't eat anything, currently i am breastfeeding her.

Please feed her it is high time she starts having solids..use these ideas Kiddy Kitchen: Baby Weight Gain Special (6-12 months)

Healthy Sheera Recipes For Weaning Babies

Understanding Baby Weight Gain

Weaning Foods: Papaya Porridge for Babies

hi akanksha - baby needs to be started on weaning foods after completing 6 months. we have many many helpful articles on how to start wearning foods etc. we even have @weekly meal plans which have been created by a child nutritionist. pls follow them. also pls speak to ur pead so she is able to advise u and understand the issue. because baby needs solid foods. tc.

Weekly Meal Plans #Week1 (7-12 months)

Weaning Food Recipe (10 to 12 months)

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