I had my fetal doppler today. The gestational week according to my LMP and earlier ultrasounds had to be 31weeks2days. But today it came out to be 32weeks4days.

I was happy to see that my baby is ahead of its growth. But when I showed reports to my gynae, she said there may be case of Gestational diabetes.I am goin for the same test again tom.

Anyone facing this “ahead week” thing??

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; plz advice her

Yes if you have GD then it's normal for the ultrasound report to come like this.
I am also facing the same problem; with my weeks calculation. Follow your doctor's advice

Your doctor is right.. get your blood sugar levels checked..

I m also facing the same thing

Ha its normal during this time

Sugar levels must be chkd

My sugar reports are normal. Now what is the reason behind this ‘ahead week’??
Should I be worried or is it a sign of good growth?
Please advise DrAkshita Ranjan Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr Kavita Bhakare

Debolina Mukherjee My sugar levels are normal. Reports just came in.

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