Plz can anyone suggest me how to stop baby baby is now 20 months. I have also used home remidies but it wont work. pls suggest any experience medicine

Sonali Shivlani pl advise

There are no medications that will stop a baby from breast feeding but you could consult your doctor for medications to stop your breast milk production. The best bet is to say no and stick to it. Many times when a child throws a tantrum it is easy for the parents to give in and hence it becomes a tough habit to break. Say a firm no and stick to it even if there is a long bout of crying. It will take a few days but will eventually stop.

Hey try to reduce it gradually ..first stop during the day *(which is comparatively easy ) and then at night which will take little bit of patience and time as they baby will cry and demand and you have to be strong ..
You will be successful in a weeks

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