My baby is 26 days old she doesnt sleep well at night doctor prescribed her gardenal syrup it safe for the baby

If your doc has prescribed something,please TRUST. however as far as I know there's no tonic for babys sleep!this small of a baby will not sleep in night. Give him at least 6 weeks before he settles down. Till then , plz sleep when the baby sleeps and accept the fact that baby needs feed and wont sleep in night!

26 days is really young .after 6-8 weeks she may have longer sleep at night .this also depends baby to baby . My baby is 8.5 months old still wakes up for feed every 2 hrs at night sometimes more .please take a second opinion.

Would request any of the mom stars to get this answered from an expert as the baby is very young. Asha Chaudhary Naiyya Saggi

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