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Hi my baby is six months old,she holds her neck while lying down and playing but at times when we lift her up she still needs support. Is this normal ? Experts plz do reply.

6 Months Baby: Physical Milestones

Doesn't say about neck

asha chaudhry help plz

I reckon it's normal only. Let me tag some younger moms Nancy Singh manvi bhandari Revauthi Rajamani

Baby Growth And Development

Developmental Milestones: 6-12 Months

Show her her favourite colours toys from different directions if the baby is able to turn to her sides then it's fine. Is she sitting with help now.

Thank u asha chaudhry; I think it's normal some relatives were saying so I got into doubt .

Yes Revauthi Rajamani; she sits with support .thank u

Esha it pretty normal.;
My daughter starter sitting early but my friends daughter took time but she completed 2 milestones at one go ..
It completely depends on baby to baby ..;; and there is nothing to worry if bub is active..;
Do follow your instincts thats all i will suggest