;hi mommies plz plz answer me,; my 9 month old baby rolled off from bed ( 2 feet high). She cried immediately for about 2 minutes, then stopped. No other symptoms but I feel just horrible. Did this happen to anyone else? My friends tell me their babys fell too and she is okay....

Hey dear happens at times . .don't feel guilty ...
If the baby cried and then is fine now it's ok...look for swellings if any and rub ice ..
The baby will be fiNe ...don't worry

I understand ur condition..Same incident happened with me when he was 7 mnth old.....first of all u don't feel guilty...n jzt watch her...
Agr usko vomit Hoti h ya fever toh bhago doc k pass... otherwise she is ok..

Oh thank you so much kavitha and karishma.. thank you so much for your kind words.. she is OK now

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