Hello everyone. I am 15 weeks pregnant and this is my 16th week going on. I dont feel hungry these days. Yet i try to eat frequently but everyone says that i shoul have craving for some food but for me its completely opposite. I know pretty well that if i do not eat at regular intervals It wont be good for my health. What shall i do to increase my hunger?

Same here.
Actully u cant do anything to increase hunger. Just eat whether u want to eat or not. Take small and frequent diet.
I havent crave anything till now! just eat healthy.
And every thing is normal

hi neha - cravings are not necessary so don't worry. it's the summer heat that is getting to u. instead, drink coconut water, have lots of fruit, have pulao and raitas. anything u like. small small meals at regular intervals.

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Me too 15 weeks pregnant n don't feel lyk eating anything.No cravings,nausea at its peak today,was not able to eat properly..

Hey Neha.. it's perfectly normal.. it was same with me... J too didn't crave for anything ... eat frequently bt not over eat.. my doctor us e to say this ...