hello, i want to reduce post pregnancy weight, my baby is 5month old, i'm not breastfeeding. when i go for a walk or exercise i feel very tired. im taking multivitamins tablets. what should i do?

drink lot of hot water it's enough

Eat a balanced diet and avoid fried and sugary foods. Go for a one hour walk everyday. Walk has to be brisk. Continue taking your multi vitamins.

eat healthy. avoid fried n sweet foods. go for regular walk. do some stretch exercises at home. eat small frequent healthy meals. keep night meals light.

which multivitamin and calcium tablets I can take? I also had c section 5 months back.

1)Avoid or reduce the intake of fried things.
2)Eat 5 to 6 small meals.
3)Avoid or reduce ready made juices as it has preservatives nd sugar.
4)also if possible give up aerated drinks .
5)eat 2 to 3 hours before you go to sleep
6)Go for a walk which even i too find difficult but this will help too.
hope by making small changes in your routine you would soon notice difference in you.

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