Hey guys, I wanted to know how I could encourage my daughter to spend some time by herself. Even if I have to leave for a minute she starts crying. I keep her toys around, I keep talking to her from the kitchen and keep her in her crib so that she can me, but she still wants to be with me. I can see she is crying for attention because the moment I hold her she stops crying. Although it's really sweet to see that she needs her mumma the most, it gets difficult to do house work. Any suggestions? She will complete 8 months soon.

she is undergoing separation anxiety at this time...its normal... place her where she can see you... Roopashree Siddireddy give some tips here! Dhara Popat please enlighten us with your knowledge... 😊

thank-you sheeba :) yeah it's separation anxiety big time! I am trying all the tricks possible but she sure knows how to get her way with those puppy eyes and loud cries :/

Yeah Sheeba is right. Separation anxiety and also... some kids need company. Even in some adults you can watch this behaviour...they can't be alone. Same as kids.. some babies are not used to be alone and they don't want to. Play some music softly. And give new toys and give only when she is alone... or give some household things. These babies are more interested in the things that we use than their toys. So you can give some steel glass, bowl to play. Keep telling them that you are strong, u can play alone. Keep talking to them from where u are. I use to keep my girl in sit-up and sometimes in stroller. Play hide and seek.. Do some work and come n say " peek -a- boo".
My God.. how I have managed my gal and now I am here.. ha ha ha ha

Your baby's ability to get around and never-ending curiosity boost learning now, so it's important to provide chances — and a safe place — for exploration. Your baby may enjoy playing with egg cartons, blocks, balls, stacking toys, and push-pull toys. When your baby is in the bath, provide squeeze toys and cups and containers to splash around with.
Infants are learning to understand language so continue to talk to your baby. Introduce simple words by naming familiar objects and let your baby try to imitate you. Reinforce the words by repeating them. Encourage your infant's expressions by waiting for a response when you are having a "conversation."
Continue reading from books with large, colorful illustrations. Point to the pictures and say what's in them to create associations between the things your child sees and the words that describe them.
Here are some other ideas for encouraging your 8- to 12-month-old to learn and play:
Encourage crawling during tummy time by helping your baby get into the crawling position on hands and knees. Place a favorite toy out of reach and encourage your baby to move toward it.Continue to play games like peekaboo, but vary it a bit by hiding your face with a blanket and letting the baby pull it off, hiding around the corner, and showing your baby how to cover his or her own face with the hands.Continue to play hide and seek and test your child's understanding of object permanence. Let your baby watch you hide a toy — first partially hidden, then covered completely — and let him or her find it.Teach your baby action songs, like "Pat-A-Cake," "This Little Piggy," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Pop Goes the Weasel." Babies love to hear and learn these songs and anticipate the accompanying movements.
There is a wide range of what is normal for babies, and some babies develop slower and faster than others. Talk with your child's doctor if you have any concerns.

dont pick her up immediately when she cries dear..  instead divert her mind with above activities..  it will take time to divert her mind..  but b patient.  :)

thank you Sheeba Vijesh for tagging :)

slowly you have to get her used to it... now she thinks you are gone if not visible... peek-a-boo will let her know you exist even if u r not in front of her... i would say, when doing things like cutting vegetables and all, do it where she is playing... then when you put it on gas, dont place her in kitchen, but you can run to and from kitchen to her... thats my exercise.. ha ha...

thank-you so much you guys. this is really helpful :) I will try them out with her.

Sheeba Vijesh hahaha.. yeah. I do that as well! Run to and fro the kitchen and her between chores. I have been finishing my cooking in record time these days all thanks to my daughter :D

I used to be alone when had my first child... I used to make it a point from the start,  that whenever I left the room,  I would inform her where I was going,  and that I would be back... Initially she used to cry,  n slowly when she realised that crying won't help and that that I come back eventually... She started understanding the idea behind the whole process... Try playing peekaboo often... That should help too... Try informing her and leaving,  and u would be surprised how soon enough ur baby would begin to understand and would eventually stop freaking out In  ur absense

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