hi to all my son is 2 years old. whats the problem is he is sleeping nicely while he get up sleeping he is getting continuosly cough.And other times he is normal only when he sleeps and he get up that time getting sever cough.while coughing he cant take breathe also we consult doctor for first time he said to do nebulization and he gave a tonic.what tonic doctor gave means i vll upload photo.2nd time we met doctor and gave naso vision n same tonic given.IAm afraid of this please suggest anything.please........

You can take Adulsa it is ayurvedic and safe. Most allopathic medicines are drowsy so if your child goes to school better not to give before going to school. If it is adverse and he needs rest you can give allopathy he will sleep well for a while. If he has breathing problem nebulization will be needed. Also Vicks under the soles of the feet covered with socks helped us. Drink warm water.

no he is not going to school

What has been. prescribed is a cough medicine not a tonic. It is for symptomatic relief. You may want to discuss allergies with the doctor if this is a long lasting thing and is continuing for a few days and more.

If it persists you may discontinue allopathy and take homeopathy since it is mild.

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