Hi.. I'm going to a 2days function with my baby, how to plan for her food, she is 10months old, which kind of food I can take? pls suggest..

Arwa Hozefa

carry fruits and finger foods . also having thepla and parathas helps . if ur baby likes curd u can take that as well . milk is another option .

asha chaudhry

hi sushma like arwa suggested fruits is grt. for first day carry sooji halwa or upma whatever baby likes. parathas, theplas if baby can eat. will u get access to a friend or relative's kitchen? then u can make some kheer/ khichadi there. curd is perfect. Harneet Khurana Ankita Popli pls suggest! #tagfwd

Sushma Devaru

thanks Asha and Arwa for suggestions, my baby takes only in liquid form and I don't have any friends or relatives there

Sushma Devaru

I can give her fruits,  any instant recipes,, like cerelac or khichdi,  which I can make powder and take

Riya Rahul Paranjpe

I agree with asha chaudhry also u can carry homemade cutlets.. vegetables cutlets including paneer. fruits is the best option

asha chaudhry

Dhara Popat Sheeba Vijesh pls suggest!

Sheeba Vijesh

hi sushma, there are nice organic porridge powder available from Early Foods and Little Moppet Foods... you can also use powdered ragi for making malt. thanks for tagging asha chaudhry

Dhara Popat

i m not aware for the same.  so sorry..  but Sushma Devaru u can follow what mothers have suggest.  tc 😊

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

I was at my husband's friend's sister's wedding last two days...I carried homemade cereal and hand blender with me...made porridge, khichdi and fruits puree for my girl both days...was manageable see if it helps youSushma Devaru

DrBhavi Mody

10 ideas on What to #Feed your #Baby on a Vacation. #BabyFood #Travelfood #Quickfoods #VacationWithBaby It's quite a daunting task to think of what foods to carry for your Baby when you travel. The excitement of the holiday turns into a pain... Don't let that happen to you. Here are a few foods that you may carry with you. 1. Home made cereal: Mix 3 parts of cereal-rice, wheat, ragi anything + 1 part of pulses anydal - moongdal, turdal etc. Roast till it lets out a good aroma.cool n grind. Store it in an airtight container. Use like cerelac sans preservatives. 2.Roasted suji/dalia: Make upma or Kheer in a jiffy. 3.Nachni ladoos. 4. Besan ladoos. 5.Dry fruits-dates, raisins, prunes, Apricots etc. You can also make Dryfruit ladoos. Steam the dry fruits and coarsely grind or mash. Take a little ghee in a pan once hot add the mashed dry fruits and mix till the mixture is smooth. Let it cool. Make small balls. Your ladoos are ready. 6.Nuts only after a year. Carry pista,cashew,walnuts. Cut into small pieces to avoid choking. 7. Healthy Mix of Nuts Take 3 parts of Almonds, 3 parts of pista, 1 part of cashew, 2 parts of walnuts, some elaichi. Dry roast this. Let it cool and grind. Add saffron generously.and your health drink mix is ready. Mix 2 tsp in 1 glass of milk. Lesser qty for younger kids. 8. Fresh fruits readily available every where. So grate,puree, make milkshake and feed 9.Veggies too available so make soups,boil and mash,add to khichdi,feed. 10. Instant khichdi: Just like cerelac Mix 2 parts of Rice/dalia with 1 part of Moongdal Roast and grind. Your Khichdi Mix is ready. Cook in less than 2 minutes and feed. Carry a rice cooker/ hot plate or a small heating rod which helps u boil water and milk. Remember to Carry our Travel kit with you.

asha chaudhry

my gosh Rakhi Puri u reminded me of hw i carried my handblender around whn we wud travel! my childoo will be 10 yrs i july so that was a loooong time ago!

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

asha chaudhry my husband was laughing when I packed and appreciated when he saw arrangements there... motherhood teaches 😛

Reshma Menon

Hello Sushma Devaru you could try the organic Porridge Mixes from Bebeburp,  Early Foods, Little Moppet Foods.  They are easy to make and full of nourishment. Slurrp Farm has some amazing cookies too,  light, thin and 30% less sugar!

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