Hello mommies, since last couple of days my four and half months daughter is refusing milk, her appetite has drastically reduced and she hardly latches for 5 minutes and even doesnt finish expressed milk bottle. Her physical activities have increased though. Awaiting some advise and suggestions.

Suhan Desai

she might bcome has gases..  tats y she felt full.  do leg exercise.. or ajwain shek.

asha chaudhry

hi reno it's most likely owing to the heat that appetite is down. as long as she is active and pee count is good pls dont worry. Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa Sheeba Vijesh kindly advise #tagfwd

Roopashree Siddireddy

Burp after every feed. Wash or wipe breast after every feed. Check whether feeding bottle smells? When baby is teething... their intake reduces. Don't worry if baby is healthy.

Sheeba Vijesh

agree with other moms answers... also chance of bf decreasing is that she might have become better at feeding more milk more quickly. check her pee count minimum 6-7 a day. 

Aloka Mehta Gambhir

At this stage they are easily distracted and very playful. do take her to a quiet darkened room to nurse. it may help her focus on feeding :)

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

You have got best answers...
Check her pee count
check whether active healthy and attaining milestones
and you are done...☺... dont worry she will feed... let her take sometime... now her lens can recognise everything, let her discover this colourful world... enjoy this time.. dont take tension...

Gurmeetkaur Matharu

even am suffering from same problem. am qorries as she is not drinking breast milk. she is so much hungry but dont want to drink milk. she wants to play... stand up on her legs... and loudly shout... is it normal for this age baby?

aradhana sharma

hi ladies my baby is also doing same since he turned 4 .its completely normal

Reno negi

Thank you so much mommies for addressing my query. I can't rule out any of these mentioned causes you guys told; it's very hot and humid, may be teething process is beginning as she is putting everything in her mouth, gas and yes she is easily distracted, too.

Reno negi

Sheeba Vijesh  Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa pee count is more than 10. breastmilk supply is ok type.  I m able to extract 500ml in a day sometimes even more.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

pee count is gud dear... for lactation eat healthy and have plenty fluids...

Sheeba Vijesh

Reno milk expressed by us cannot be a clear indicator of milk supply, when a baby suckles, they can get more. breastfeed as often as possible... also yes, i had quite forgotten, but remembered when other moms mentioned... at this age my baby was also very distracted. baby does not know how to filter ubwanted sights and sounds, and want to know and see everything. breastfeeding becomes a maddening process. your best bet would be to sit in a closed room without any distraction and feed. that helps a lot!

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