What is comfort sucking and normal sucking??? How to differentiate between the two.??

Also how would I know if the baby is getting the hind milk??

If the baby's poop is green in colour, the baby takes only hind milk. But once the baby learns to feed they suck well and will be able to take sufficient amount. Feed from both the breasts for twenty minutes ten minutes each side of the breast. This will strike a balance. Anything beyond this will make the baby gulp gas.

Do not worry about the hind milk this early, just make sure you feed from one breast throughly and switch to Next. You really can't make a difference between comfort and normal sucking, in both the sucking baby will drink milk so it's a calories and baby is benefited. If the baby cries and you immediately latch, if he sucks then it's comfort sticking. Breastfeeding is emotionally and physically draining.. Hold on things will settle. Ask us anything, I had 1000 s of questions and I kept asking. Successfully breastfeeding my 11 mo.

Dear..this Breastfeeding phase will settle in some's new for both of you.. babies priority currently is to get feed and actual and comfort one both happens..try to make your bf diet and fluid intake good.. also sit comfortably and in peace and feed and also when baby is resting..may be little but take rest..that's the key to sail through this time

My baby sometimes sucks for almost 40 minutes in a feed. And sometimes only 10-15 mins. Also the force with which she sucks reduces gradually and sometimes it's just nibbling. But even I get confused whether she is getting milk or she is just sucking the nipple. And she has never been awake after a feed to take her to the other breast after one since I am currently following the one breast at a feed pattern. Any suggestions on how to be sure if baby is getting enough milk? Also at times I feel the latch is lost and she is just sucking. Totally confused 😐😐

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