Sattvam is a classy veg-buffet restaurant to visit. It's quite close to where we reside. We happened to be in the area on a Friday night for some shopping and dropped in. Unfortunately, they were booked full that night. We immediately took a reservation for Saturday night.

Off we went the next day, all ready to pounce on their very-elaborate buffet spread. Valet parking is available however, we didn't find the need to use it as the location is in the quite neighbourhood of Sadashivnagar. My son was all excited at the sight of their mini dessert parlour, "Sattvam Bakes" downstairs. We promised him after dinner. We entered the main restaurant area on the 4th floor. The grand entry/exit was adorned with a huge selection of mouth freshners. My son was instantly captivated but held his hands back. Touch wood.

None of their dishes are prepared with onion, garlic, eggs or mushroom. Yes, the purest form of vegetarian buffet is here. Well-lit area and good spiritual music playing in the background. I went with the hopes of a play area presence as I had heard from others; but was disappointed in that respect. Availability of a high chair was a comfort.

Coming to the food... cooking without the basics such as onion & garlic is really not to my taste but Sattvam nailed it. Of course, trying the same with the Chinese section, I must say, is a bold attempt; therefore, average. If you love the street chaat walas, Sattvam's selection of chaats may not appease you. 5-6 types of curries, a dozen mini desserts, an intricate salad counter, 3-4 rice varieties -- all these are quite appealing to the child's eye. For kids, they have buns, noodles, bread sticks and a chocolate fountain! My son gorged on the Amul butter. What awed us was the dedicated waiter for each table who were very proactive and cheerful. Starters and rotis served at the table; refills very prompt. It was like the entire service of the staff was choreographed.

As a parent, the only setback was that I had to run with my son upstairs to use their restroom. The next time I pay a visit, I hope they have it on the same level.

We tipped the waiter along with the bill. The manager actually hurried to us on our way out and gave it back, "Tips all included in the buffet price." Double wow!

They claim to have the largest veg buffet in Bangalore and for the price one pays, I whole-heartedly second that. On the whole, I would term our visit as a sumptuous Saatvik experience. A reservation in advance is highly recommended.

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