Who doesn't know about Chicoo.. but I am sure most of us don't know about the vast range of baby products @ Chicoo Store Saket.

In fact, till the time I haven't been to chicoo, I was also not aware that Chicoo deals into almost every baby product.

I bought two silicone teethers from Chicoo which costed me around INR 500, I know they were costly, but my baby is using those teethers since she was 8-month-old and now she is 17-month-old, and teethers are still good to use.

They have many other baby products also like, diaper, rash cream, wipes, rattles, toys, cribs, clothes, strollers, baby bottle, breast pump and the list is long.

So, if you are in Delhi Saket, don't forget to have a look at Chicoo Store.

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