I had conceived in October 2013 and started my general visit to the gynecologist Dr. Archana Bachan, Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj. She said every this is fine. Unfortunately within a week when I was in my office I started bleeding with pain on the left side of my abdomen. I called her and she said that I should come and meet her inspite of me telling her that I was in Gurgaon and it would take me about 2 hours to reach her. However it was my luck that I decided to reach max hospital Gurgaon in emergency and I was diagnosed with and ectopic pregnancy and my left tube had ruptured and because of the damage my blood pressure had gone down at about 60/40 and I was told that I might go in coma if not operated soon.

Then came Dr. Suman Lal who operated me, removed the damaged tube. I was commendable to see the trust her team had on her.

Then in September 2014 I again conceived, being a researcher by profession I had studied my condition well and knew that if previous pregnancy is ectopic there are 90% changes of the next one to be ectopic. As a precaution I went to Max Patparganj again and asked them to do a TVS ultrasound (simultaneously I was getting my hcg count checked every day from Dr Lal path lab). I had described my previous situation well to the doctor on duty there, I went for an ultra sound and they said likely ectopic. However, I left that day since I was not quite convinced with their diagnosis even though after speaking to Dr Archana insisted that I get admitted. I was actually waiting for my HCG report which if above 1300 would mean normal pregnancy. Next day since I had some spotting I again went to the Max hospital Patparganj for TVS ultrasound and the doctor admitted me and asked me to sign a form for operation since the ultrasound technician had said that it was likely ectopic that too in the ovaries. (Please note: by that time I had my hcg report with was way above 1300 and ectopic in ovaries is rarest of rare case.) I told the doctor even if its ectopic they should give me a chemotherapy drug through injection and dissolve the fetus since the fetus is too small to cause any damage. Dr. Archana Bachan who was on phone shouted at me and told me that I will have to get operated and they will remove my other tube (that would me that I will never be able to conceive again) and if I leave that day I should never come back again to Max hospital. I called up Dr. Suman Lal in Max Gurgaon and told her the case. She asked for my hcg count and when I told her the number she said it doesn’t seem to be ectopic. I went to meet her the same evening, she suggested that I get a 4d ultrasound at The Ultrasound Clinic in Gurgaon. The ultrasound clinic detected my fetus position in uterus. Dr. Suman Lal helped me through my pregnancy with lots of guidance and proper tracking. I delivered a cute little baby girl via c-section prematurely in Max Saket on 27 April 2015 . Dr. Suman Lal successfully operated me and saved me and my baby’s life.

Best Gynecologist: Dr Suman Lal, Max Hospital Gurgaon & Saket

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