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N M medical centers are a chain of diagnostic centers all over Mumbai city. They cater to all your diagnostic needs including blood tests, sonography, urine test, dental radiographs called OPG and many other more complex examinations as well. I would not hesitate to believe that they are the best we have in diagnostic imaging as well as preventive health check up in India.

I have chosen to go to the Bandra/khar branch of NM medical center a couple of times. Initially for my blood tests prescribed by doctors and routine health check ups. Being a dentist myself, I always advised my patients to get their OPG radiographs from NM medical center, since they have the best technology.

Once you step into their center, the entire process is extremely systematic. They have a comfortable waiting room with a good capacity to accommodate the traffic of patients that floods the center daily. There is a good coordination between the staff members . Every step at the center is recorded and is computerized so that neither the patients nor the following staff that is going to treat you face confusion of any sort.

The center is extremely clean and hygienic and is maintained really well. All the instruments or equipment that are used on the patients are sterilized and sanitized.

I went their for my HCg count as well, the blood test that determines whether you have conceived.

The technicians at the center are very well qualified and good with their work making sure you are comfortable through the whole procedure.

However their best facility is that they allow you to take your appointments online and you can also check your test results online without actually having to take another trip to the center.

During the last trimester of my pregnancy I would often be lazy to actually go down to the center to do a test. Their facility of pathology home visit, made my life very easy.

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