It was by my son s birthday, and we headed to Sattvam asking with my parents n in laws. A reservation was made in advance. Coming to the cake part, u cant take one by your own because the restaurant is purely sattvic I e., no onion, no garlic, no eggs. You can order a cake with them. The buffet spread was suffer with large options. It includes majorly north Indian food + some components of south Indian too ( ex mini masala dosas).

Strange part was they have writings at the entrance that keep ur kids with you and do not allow them to wander, kids should not shout etc etc. At the end of the day kids r kids. Still not sure were they right in making strict rules for kids. My lo was in good mood I guess n did not wander around :p. Usually he keeps waking around in the restaurants.

For their did I still recommend Sattvam. I revisited Sattvam for my mil s birthday.

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