Dr Geetha Beliappa was my Gynac during my pregnancy and delivery. She came across as a very down to earth, very approachable person. Was very patient with all my thousands of questions and doubts I had on mind. We had spoken about trying for a normal delivery and she did support the idea completely. But due to a emergency we had to opt for a C sec and it was fine quite quick, usually family members aren't allowed in the operation room in fortis unlike other places, but since mine was a sudden decision she did make a compromise just for my sake and let my husband scrub in, though he wasn't let to watch anything and stay on my by my side. I was happy anyways. The only thing I probably would say is that there are certain things that she will not mention out of the blue unless you ask her about, as in if you are we all read about pregnancy that's when one will have a lot of knowledge on the subject as well as doubts, in case you don't or ask her about those share won't bother to tell you about it which can be a good thing in some cases and negatives if it's an important fact or issue. She also prescribes only mediation that is needed and nothing more than that. Also I did have one issue with her on the delivery day, she don't ask her nurses to do a last scan which would have shown that my daughter had suddenly turned a bit a day or two after the previous scan, that would have helped in avoiding the a wait I had to go through with trying for a normal going through almost half the way but ending up with a C sec. But overall I would still recommend Dr Geetha but do your bit of homework and always ask questions.

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