Well, Dr Nikhil Datar is very reputed and experienced in handling pregnancy cases.From the moment we met him and till date (that is after the delivery), his concern about his patients still is the same.He has never misguided us during our visits to him.In fact his suggestions have always been helpful. His care towards his patients have always been very comforting.During my Wife's delivery i was there in the labor room and i have witnessed his skills myself. The way he encourages the patient to give their best is simply awesome. He very well knows what the patient would require and he accordingly acts on it.Trust me, my wife felt very safe while being in the labor room and she was very confident that whatever Dr Nikhil Datar says is for her own good only!! If it was ever asked a reference of a doctor for pregnancy, then the only name that will come up will be Dr Nikhil Datar.

One needs to witness what his experience in this field is . My wife had a normal delivery and it was all because of Dr Nikhil Datar.

Hope this review will help those who are genuinely are looking out for a doctor who cares for the patient and not any other thing.

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