I am not a reader but my husband is an nowadays who does not want his child to read. Since i was in fort one day I thought of checking this book store I've heard about. Must say good to have such stores in mumbai. So child friendly and have a varierty of good kids book collection. My son was just going around the whole store up and down and it did not disturbed the staff and they were is no hurry to get him out of there. Just enjoy the ambiance and the books.

I just loved the collection of books and the way the sections were divided..I thought I was in some british library, with those interiors. For me who is not so much into reading I liked their collection of kids books like Indian books lady bird series, nancy drews, grandma stories.

I would definately recommend all the mothers to visit with the kid for him to just see so many books n books n books..and ofcourse mother can also visit alone if need mom time..Just sipping coffee and reading in peace or should I say in one piece(Lol).

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