Every mom is eager to start solid foods for their child as soon as it is close to 6mths of breast feeding, so was I. The curiosity to know what all in the start we can introduce to our kids is like a big question mark. We talk to our Pediatrician, family members, friends, colleagues etc to know yet we are confused and scared to start.

Pediatrician thumb rule says 6mths complete breast feed and the slowly introduce your food whatever that you eat. Which is right :)

I started making my son drink some water adding a small amount of sugar and salt at times at the age of 5 n 1/2 mths and at time just plain water because I wanted to introduce food at the age of 6mths so I started first with water.

We think that there are few options for kids food but trust me if you find out there are many.

Some of them are to start with:-

Mashed fruits like banana, chikku, papaya, boiled apple, strawberry, blue berry's, home made wheat cakes, rice pudding (kheer), rava kheer, and different

types of kheer, daliya (sweet or vegetable), Vegetable soups, dal roti, milk Paratha, aloo Paratha, any veggi Paratha, curd, Kadi roti, sabji roti, dal chawal, etc and that's how then you start giving ur kid whatever you eat you offer the same food to your child where he/she will enjoy their meal. I hope after reading this you will be confident of making ur child eat bindaas. Small portions of food has to be given depending on how much the child can eat. Never say or show the gesture that your kid might throw up food or not like it instead appreciate him/her after every meal or bite, that he/she is doing a fantastic job and will be very strong one day.

milk and oats, milk and cornflakes... etc etc :)

Thanks for sharing Mom Star Kavita!

isn't salt nd sugar restricted till the age of 1 ?? Kavita Kanuga Priya Sood

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