With numerous new playschools & day cares opening up everyday, I was looking for something different. Being a Neuropsychologist, I was firm on the fact that my son will not go crowded playschools without any open garden space.

Kidpop fit all the bills. Its a lovely place with loads of open play area, a sand pit and a little pool! Each floor has been designed keeping the age and interest of the children in mind. The school is clean and spacious.

The teachers and staff are very helpful & extend a lot of support to help your child settle. My son joined when he was 19 months old & the initial days were tough. He cried & wasn't ready to be in class. The teachers & most importantly the owner -Brinda Kathrani & the CEO- Sanjana Jain were super encouraging. He settled down within 15 days and now after a month cries on weekends coz theres no school!!

The schools philosophy is based on open, child led & nature lead teaching methodology. I have seen a lot of positive social & intellectual changes in my son within a month. Even though I was sure about me being able to train him at home, what team Kidpop is achieving I wouldn't have been able to achieve at all.

I highly recommend the school.

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