10 Best Gifts For Your Sister Who Is Expecting

10 Best Gifts For Your Sister Who Is Expecting

13 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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The most exhilarating moment in a sister’s life is when you get to share the joy of your sister’s pregnancy. You know for a fact that your sister is going to be thrilled with the news and so are you, as being an aunt is going to open a new chapter in your life as well. Enjoy all the private details of pregnancy, prepping yourself in the process.

Since pregnancy is a huge milestone in a sister’s life, as a sibling, it would be nice if you surprised her with the best gifts, keeping in mind all her needs. Here are a few suggestions

1. Full body pillow

During pregnancy, a woman’s body gets sore even without her doing much during the day. This is the strain caused by the growing baby inside her. Gifting her a full body pillow will ease her of the body ache. She will definitely cherish this thoughtful gift.

2. Baby scrapbook

Gift your sister a scrapbook with the ultrasound of her few weeks old baby being the first picture. She will love it and it will even show her what her child means to you! Be true to your relation and help her fill in the scrapbook with the stages of her child’s growth.

3. Foot spa

During pregnancy, women’s feet tend to swell up profusely. This foot spa machine that can be used from home will provide her with a much-needed spa treatment. Look for one that comes with inbuilt vibrations and heat. All she will need to do is add water and relax while the machine does the rest.

4. Rocking chair

Get her a rocking chair if she does not own one yet. This chair feels like heaven for her sore back. You can add a soft and pretty cushion for more comfort. After having the baby, it will come in handy to rock her baby to sleep without putting in much effort.

5. Organic juices

Stock her fridge with organic juices in her favorite flavors. They have all the ingredients necessary for her pregnancy diet and they are delicious. Take care of her health and keep her taste buds in mind, and she is sure to thank you for it.

6. Unisex onesie

Be the first to get her the cutest unisex onesie. She will love you for taking a keen interest in this milestone of her life.

7. Satisfy her cravings

Visit her with a box of her all the foods she loves and has been craving for from time to time. Also, sit with her and enjoy these goodies together while chatting. Just a small gesture such as this will bring her closer to you than ever.

8. Maternity clothes

Since you are the only one that knows her taste in clothes inside out, be the first to get her classy maternity clothes that will make her look stunning. She will gladly change into them without a doubt and maybe you both could step out for a brunch date.

9. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is known to reduce the ill effects of stretch marks, so without thinking twice, gift her a bottle of it. This or any product that will help effectively reduce stretch marks will be a boon for her.

10. Babysitting coupon

This is the best gift you can give your sister! Give her a night off with a coupon that allows her to enjoy a night free from baby duty. After the weeks of crying, feeding and late night changing, she will treasure every second that this coupon gives her.











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