10 Body Changes During Pregnancy You May Not Have Known Of

10 Body Changes During Pregnancy You May Not Have Known Of

20 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Pregnancy is incredible, isn’t it? Going through so many changes only to give birth to another life. We don’t think there’s any other creation at the hands of God that can match this one. It’s absolutely magical and yes, women indeed are very powerful.

However, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, and with this, great changes. It is true that women go through a gazillion changes during pregnancy, and these changes are of all kinds -physical, emotional and psychological. But, what we would like to ask you here is, in case you’ve just confirmed your pregnancy or are nearing your second trimester, are you aware of all the changes you’re about to go through until you have the baby out in the world?

Here, we have pointed out 10 such changes out of the long list. Now, you may or may not have heard of them until now, but read the whole article to find out what they are only so you can prepare yourself for them.

1. Montgomery tubercles (bumps around the nipples)

They are first seen during your first or second trimester. Montgomery glands are functionary around your breasts to lubricate them during breastfeeding. These glands are the cause of these bumps around your nipples during pregnancy. The reason behind it is to keep your breasts moist and clean for your baby, so they don’t catch any infection when they feed. Once you are done with your period of breastfeeding, the bumps will vanish on their own.

However, you should be warned that these bumps are fragile. Never try to burst them to get rid of them, as this could start an infection around the area, which will cause problems for you when you give birth and start breastfeeding your baby. In case it happens accidentally, we suggest you go to your gynaecologist to get it treated.

2. Varicose veins (swollen veins)

You may also develop varicose veins, which is the swelling of your veins till they bulge around the skin. It usually occurs on the legs because of the sudden weight that it has started to carry due to your pregnancy. Now, while the affected skin looks scary to touch or feel, as it appears to be bluish or purplish in colour, it doesn’t really cause much discomfort. Make sure to not stress your body and get enough rest to avoid this condition from getting worse.

3. Change in libido (change in sex drive)

Pregnancy leads to a drastic change in your libido and can either instigate your sexual drive or lessen it. All the hormonal fluctuations taking place within you are the sources of this particular change. For some of you, this might prove to be the most erotic phase of your marriage.

4. Bladder explosion (peeing more often)

The sudden rise in your blood generation and circulation puts pressure on your kidney after you conceive and hence, you have the constant urge to pee every now and then. It is also because of the growing uterus putting pressure on your bladder that you feel the need to pee more than often.

However, it subsides gradually before your second trimester, but there are chances that you will face it throughout your pregnancy. Hence, keep calm and be ready for this particular change.

5. Skin pigmentation

You must also know about melanocytes, a type of skin cell responsible for the release of melanin (pigments) in your body. The function of this cell aggravates during pregnancy due to excess progesterone in the body. When exposed to the sun, there is a further aggravation, leading to darker pigmentation and hence, a prominent a tan on your face.

However, there is no need to worry, as once you’re done with your delivery, your skin’s complexion will go back to its natural tone, giving you your usual look back.

6. Change in your breasts

Apart from bumps around your nipples, you’ll also see the same area darken right after you conceive. This will lead to further changes such as fuller and rounder breasts later.

7. Luscious hair

Before pregnancy, every woman loses 70-100 strands of hair per day on an average. However, once she’s actually conceived the baby, the increase in her body’s oestrogen levels reduces hair fall drastically, making it negligible practically. This is the main reason behind your sudden thick and luscious hair during pregnancy. This effect stays on throughout the pregnancy phase, giving your head a shiny, bouncy feel.

8. Dysgeusia (strange taste in the mouth)

In case you’re in your first trimester, you must be experiencing a salty, metal-like taste in your mouth all the time (or on a frequent basis). This is a common symptom of pregnancy and can be annoying, especially when you eat. It’s only a matter of few weeks before it fades. So, relax!

9. Constipation

Constipation is one thing you can’t escape during pregnancy. The reasons for this range from hormonal to dietary. The prominent rise in your progesterone level along with the iron supplements you’re consuming for your baby’s health is responsible for slowing down your bowel movements.

You could also have it due to irregular diet instigated by your morning sickness. However, this will soon not be a problem and eating fibrous foods is the best way to avoid constipation.

10. Linea nigra (thin white lines on the belly)

These are basically stretch marks that appear on your skin when you are carrying your child. They are thin white lines that travel from your belly button to your pelvis, darkening during pregnancy. Other bodily changes such as darkening of your areolas and stretch marks are basically responsible for this, but deep down, it’s all because of your hormonal fluctuations.

These too will fade away after delivery.

Just have a little have patience and deal with all these changes like the superhero that you are, because you may or may not be confident about your own powers, but we sure are.

Take care!











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