10 Fashion Hacks To Make Your Tummy Look Flatter

10 Fashion Hacks To Make Your Tummy Look Flatter

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Have you ever found yourself looking at multiple posts online, of women with fit bodies as you get a hold of the belly fat that is oh so hard to get rid of? With the new baby at hand, who has the time and energy to spend hours at spin class or a gym? What if I told you that you could simply create the illusion of a flat tummy with just the clothes you choose to wear? So, without further ado, let’s unveil the cheat codes you could use to make your postnatal tummy appear to look flatter than it is.

1. V- neck tops

Wearing slightly loose V-neck tops direct attention from your belly bulge to the areas you may like to accentuate more, like your collarbone and chest. However, be sure to pick only those that are slightly loose fitting, as a tight top would only stick to your bulges and curves, making you appear even fatter than you are.


Most women regularly underestimate the power of accessories. It can add and take away dimensions to your look. Wearing a bold statement piece again tricks the minds of people, drawing attention from your waist to your neck. Invest in bold, chunky jewellery and pair it with a simple tee. By doing this, you won’t have to be conscious about your tummy anymore.

3. Make body shapers your best friend

Bodyshapers are basically tight spandex material shapewear which tucks in your tummy fat, giving you a more shapely figure. Most women swear by this and in fact encourage people to use it more. It is definitely worth a shot if you’re aiming at trying out those figure hugging, bodycon dresses.

4. Layers, layers, Layers

This is a style that has worked to hide not only belly fat but also some of those other unflattering bulges. Layering your clothes with jackets or blazers is always a yes. Investing in a set of well-fitted blazers and jackets can also give your look a more interesting dimension to it.

5. Say hello to high waists

High waist jeans are comfortable and great at creating illusions. A high waist denim or A-line skirt makes your bottom half of the body look longer while making your waist look smaller. Another good thing about high waists is that they accentuate the right kind of curves giving your body a more refined look. It’s all about illusions you see.

6. Discover peplum

Peplum tops or dresses have a short pleated strip of fabric which creates a sort of frill at your waist. The best thing about these frills is that they serve to perfectly hide your unflattering belly bulge. An added bonus being the fashion quotient it adds to your look.

7. Good ol’ belts

Wearing dresses, skirts and high waist formal pants with belts help hold the tummy fat in place making it appear flatter than it is. However, make sure to only wear this with free flowing dresses or skater skirts and formal pants that aren’t too tight.

8. Tunics, kurtas or kaftans

Wearing a good, traditional kurta or a kaftan which is loose fitting, perfectly hides your belly fat. These types of clothes, that are in fact indigenous to our region are extremely fashionable even abroad. Tunics with nice, solid patterns and embroidery draws away attention from your tummy.

9. Long flowy skirts

Long skirts or even denims that aren’t three-fourths create the illusion of a longer body and creating length in turn gives you an illusion of a slender body. Thus wearing long flowy skirts which luckily, happens to be a fashion trend these days reduces the appearance of the bulge.

10. Once you go black, you never go back

Probably the most stressed upon fashion tip that exists in the world of hiding fat is to stick to darker colours, black in particular.. This is a classic tip that never fails to hide your spare tyres and muffin tops as well as it does. Black being a classic and elegant colour also happens to go with every look. So, go ahead and invest in as many black dresses, kurtas, shirts and tops as you can as trust me, this is a shade you can never go wrong with.











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