10 Hilarious Parenting Memes That Are So True Xyz

10 Hilarious Parenting Memes That Are So True Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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First things first – parenting is a tough ass job! It is like a typical roller coaster ride, with small phases of silent, and very skeptical ups and daunting, noisy downs! Doesn’t matter if you have a newborn to feed and take care of or a stressed-out teen, you have a full-time job of being the caregiver and there is just no escape.

That being said, those initial years of being a parent are probably the hardest, with crazy hormonal changes and sleep deprivation like you’ve never experienced before. Adjusting to the idea of being fully responsible for another life that is oh so dear to you is definitely unsettling and overwhelming, and understandably so. Also, there are just too many lasting changes that must be made to your schedule, and just life in general, once you’re a parent. But, at the end of the day, isn’t it all (mostly) worth it?!

Check out our list of the 10 funniest and relatable memes especially curated to tickle your funny bone-

1. To all the new parents out there! *GOOD LUCK*

If you just had your first child you can definitely relate with this meme, on so many levels. Now of course you’ve read books, watched videos and taken all the advice and tips you possibly could from your family and friends about baby care and parenting, but nothing completely prepares you for being solely responsible for another life. You just have to learn everyday with your own experiences and enjoy the roller coaster life that parenthood is!

2. We feel you too…

Yes, you’re just in the store and you see a fellow mommy doing some grocery shopping and buying other necessities and her baby, for some reason, has just chosen to pick this exact moment to cry their eyes out, leaving her to juggle with everything in her hand. And how deeply you feel her at that moment, it’s unbelievable!

3. Babies are so adorable and innocent!! *OMG*

Every new parent can relate with this! Babies have a very unique timing, to put it moderately, with certain things. But they’re tiny, cute babies after all and you just accept life as it is.

4. Just too adorable…

Oh the late night crying! Your baby starts crying in the middle of the night and you get up to check if they’re hungry or need a diaper change, and mostly it’s either of these reasons that make your baby cry at night. But sometimes you just can’t figure out the reason behind all the late night crying!

5. But there are upsides to all of it, Right??

Perks of breastfeeding! It helps you burn calories helping you shed the pregnancy weight faster. It is said that breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day, yes it’s true ladies!

6. And bedtime is love!

When the time finally comes for your baby to nap or sleep you can finally find some alone time, sexy time with your husband, or simply nap too! You are obviously continuously on the move with your baby and do require some breathing room, and so isn’t this meme oh so relatable?!

7. But then rises the sun again.

Yeah well, it’s that time again, you have to get on with your daily tasks one more time! But it really only gets better with time as you’re more experienced and just kind of used to all the clutter and cleaning and it’s your routine now!


Now, everybody is proud of their kids! But nobody likes a demeaning, judgy parent. We should just accept the fact that all kids are different and respect them and their parents for being the people that they are.

9. And when your kid does something stupid… Because adolescence!

Parents with teens or pre teens will relate to this on a molecular level! You will feel this way when you hear your child using bad words for the first time, or even if they’re not doing as good in school. It’s okay guys, chill! No need to get all dramatic JUST YET!

10. And here’s to accepting with grace that your social life is *DEAD*

You probably had a very active social life, with endless night outs and Sunday brunches, shopping or salon sessions, movie nights, and so on! But once you become a parent you realize that your lovely little baby needs you more than anything else, and well, they are your life now!











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