10 Lies Every Husband Tells His Wife

10 Lies Every Husband Tells His Wife

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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He’s not a liar and his intent is not to hide anything from you. Your husband has surely taken on the responsibility to keep you happy at all times and if a tiny lie can do just that, then what’s the harm? Here are 10 such situations, your better half may resort to lying:

1. That dress looks fine

Your husband will never upset you about an outfit that you really like. He ought to, but your feelings matter too. So if it is about a dress that you absolutely love but doesn’t really flatter your body type, he might hide what he really thinks.

2. I am leaving in 10 minutes

Unless your husband symbolizes punctuality, there are chances he is going to take his own time to get back home from work. And he probably knows that even if he gives you a rough estimate of the amount of time he will take to leave, he can put things to rest for the time-being. Delays, long working hours and meetings can often put him in a spot and a tiny lie to save the situation won’t harm too much, or so he thinks.

3. I can handle it

You will have to agree, men wear their ego without fail. They love taking charge of things and ‘handling’ difficult situations too. These situations can be anything: be it arguing with the repair guy for over-charging, or at the service provider for billing you unnecessarily. But sometimes it just turns out to be a bigger mess.

4. It is my problem

This has more to do with not sounding like a cry-baby. It is more of a defense mechanism when he is extremely upset.

5. But I called you

If both of you planned to go for a movie and he was supposed to pick you up on time, then you’ve had it. ‘Your phone is always busy, I was waiting for you,’ this is just one way of shifting the blame on you. He can get messy with making up to plans.

6. If you are not in the mood, let’s not

That’s exactly when he wants it the most. But yes, he’d never force you and he’s secretly wishing you change your mind sometime, even in the middle of the night.

7. I was not looking at her

There are some things you will just have to make peace with. Men will be men and you can’t completely stop them from catching a glimpse of another extremely attractive woman. Of course, as your husband, if you catch him staring, then there is a problem.

8. That one? She’s my ex. She’s just okay.

The good thing is he will agree and be honest about his past. But he will pass off the topic terming it, ‘whatever!’ No matter how his past would have been, he will never place it over you. You can call this a good lie.

9. See, I’m so smart!

Sometimes, he’d say to you, “I am the best!” or “I am so smart,” only to massage his own ego. He wants someone to confirm that he is on track and who better than his own wife to do that for him.

10. I swear, I will always say the truth

This can be a rather subjective one. Or sometimes your husband may not intend to lie to you but he doesn’t want to hurt you, or annoy or simply wants to save the situation.











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