10 Life Lessons Your Kids Should Know About

10 Life Lessons Your Kids Should Know About

27 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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There are a few things your child should be prepared for before he/she is ready to take on the world. As parent’s it is your duty to let your little one know about the ‘big bad world’ outside and what he/she should know or be careful of.

One cannot prepare them for each and everything that they will tackle in their life but we can definitely give them a small run through on what it’s going to be like. The idea is not to scare but give them a few tips that will just help them along the way. So here are a few things that you should tell your children to give them a little heads up on life itself:

1. Tackle failures head on because failing doesn’t make you a failure.

Even if the failure is as evident as this, bounce back!

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Failure is something that your child is going to face on more than one occasion in his/her life. As parent’s you can make it easier for them by letting them know that it is normal and it is part and parcel of life. The easier it is for them to deal with failures the more successful they will be.

2. Develop good manners.

How easy is that?

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Nobody likes a person who doesn’t have the mere decency to say a “thank you” or a simple “sorry”. It is important for you to teach your children the importance of good manners and the benefits of cultivating them at an early age.

3. People are more important than things.

If somebody tells you this, tell them to talk to the hand!

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There will be times where your child will have to make a decision between a material good and an important person in their life. Make it clear to them that people are more important than things. Things can be bought but people and their emotions cannot.

4.Choose your friends carefully.

Cool friends=Cool squad goals!

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As your kids grow older the influence of his/her friends can be seen in your child. Make your child understand this and how it can make or break his/her personality.

5. Respect people, especially elders.

Two different things but both equally important!

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This is something that seems to be fading away generation after generation. Respect seems to be fading these days as nobody likes the idea of simply giving respect just because they are elder to you or something. But make your children understand that there is a reason you should respect your elders as they are wiser and much more experienced than you.

6. Irrespective of whether you win or lose, take it with a smile.

Win or lose, take it with a smile!

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There are going to be ’n’ number of competitions your child is going to take part in. Realistically he/she cannot win all of them and they will have to face defeat some time or the other. It’s then when they can truly show their character by taking it as a sport. Make them realise the importance of this and you will always see them bounce back with a smile on their face.

7. Have the courage to say the truth, always.

A common feeling that you must ignore!

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How often are you as adults scared to say the truth because of the fear of its consequence? Quite often right? But you have learnt with experience that it’s better to say the truth than sugar coat it with lies. This is one of the important things you should tell your kid as lying can really damage one’s personality and showcase a very bad image.

8. Try to learn from everyone and everything.

If Bieber can, so can you!

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This is something that is easier said than done and many adults too cannot practice it although they know they should. Ego acts like a huge obstacle in this as there is a feeling that one is good at everything he/she does. This is not true. You might find people who are better than you at doing something instead of envying them, learn from them. Make your child understand that.

9. Treat people with kindness.

If others aren’t kind to you, don’t worry about it!

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You do not have to be kind to only those people that are kind to you. Kindness should not be like a give and take relationship. It helps more than it hurts so make them understand the importance of this.

10. Life is a gift- Make it count.

The gift he is holding isn’t that important!

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At the end the most important life lesson to teach your young one is to realize that life is a gift. No matter what difficulties they face or the things they have to go through at the end of the day, basking in sunlight and breathing the fresh air itself is a gift. They should cherish this gift as it’s one that comes only once in a lifetime.