10 Little Things To Bring Love Back To Your Relationship

10 Little Things To Bring Love Back To Your Relationship

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Love, the four letter word that quickly goes out of fashion when you have a baby. You have no time for yourself or your partner. So, should you simply watch as the magic slips away? A thing to remember is, love is about the little things and not the big gestures. Little things can come in all shapes and can do big things for your relationship.

Here are some things you should do with your better half:

1. Cook Together

cooking together

There is something so enchanting about cooking together. Toss some rotis or stir some rajma. Learning to be comfortable in each other’s presence and enjoying it is the idea. Do not put too much pressure on getting things right but on having fun. Enjoy the scrumptious dinner by the candlelight and call it a night.

2. Text Away

girl texting

Never leave anything unsaid. A little text or paras worth of it can bring a smile to his face. Text back and forth like high school sweethearts and watch love dance back into your relationship.

3. Watch A Movie

watching movie together

Whether you like to watch movies lazily on the couch or all dressed up at the theater, movies make all the difference. A Romantic movie will earn you extra points though and a horror movie will take you all the way!

4. Date Night

date pickup

Remember the place you first met on a date? Visit that place again with your husband. Reliving those sweet sweet memories, things are bound to be set in motion. Try to recreate the those moments and see each other like you were then, young and in love.

5. Couples Massage

cat massage

Yes, going to the spa is your thing but take him with you this one time and you won’t be disappointed. Schedule couple massages and surprise him! The relaxation and the happiness; Togetherness through it all will just be the icing on the cake.

6. A Long Walk

romantic walk

Take a long romantic walk with each other in the night time. You could talk, hum a favorite song of yours or just soak in the enticing silence. Top the walk off with an ice cream and remember to share one!

7. Pizza Time


Order Pizza. Stay home and enjoy and peace and serenity of the place. Dance around the room or just gaze into each other’s eyes. Travel back in time to when it was just the two of you and talk about how much more beautiful life is that your baby is in it too.

8. Work Out Together


Running around or doing cardio together doesn’t sound too enticing but is just as intimate as lying down together. Shedding pounds together or just keeping fit alongside each other can bring you people closer together.

9. Sports is the Way to His Heart

watching sports together

Just let him watch sports! Cricket or Football or whatever it is that he likes to watch that you don’t get. And as a gesture of undying love, sit by his side! Yes, watch and try to understand. I promise you he will appreciate the effort.

10. A Weekend Getaway

weekend getaway

Drop your little one off at your mother’s place and retreat to an exciting new destination over the weekend. By the beach, deep in the woods or by the mountainside, your time together is what counts. Make memories, you being parents does not mean you cannot be as you were; young and wild and free.











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