10 Milestones In A Babys 1St Year

10 Milestones In A Babys 1St Year

27 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Having a baby is an adventure for every parent. Watching your little bundle of joy, your baby is a thrill. The first year is always the most exhausting, but the most fulfilling. You will not know true joy till you go through it and experience everything with your baby! Find out what to look forward to in your baby’s first year!

Milestone 1: Smiling (8 weeks)

Who knew after all those days and nights of crying, at around the 2-month mark you actually discover that your baby is human. He/she develops his/her first social skill, which is, smiling! He/she recognizes you and is happy to see you.

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Milestone 2: Grabbing (10 to 12 weeks)

A baby understands that he/she can start to determine things and they can control them just by pulling your hair or by throwing something. He/she learns cause and effect. Does your baby do something similar to what this man is doing?

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Milestone 3: Laughing (16 weeks)

After all the crying, you may have thought this to be practically impossible, but at around the 4-month-mark your baby will laugh and it will be contagious. His/Her laugh will spread to the entire family and it will be one of the most beautiful things about your journey.

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Milestone 4: Sleeping through the night, probably the best milestone. (16 to 24 weeks)

Now the only thing that might keep you up at night is your phone. By the 6th-month your baby will mature enough to sleep through the night. So now you may be able to get back to your life just a little. By this time, you can reschedule and make plans, according to your baby’s sleep schedule.

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Milestone 5: Hugging (20 weeks)

A baby learns through observation and imitation. He/She gains a sense of knowledge by looking and trying to copy. After watching someone hug someone or by being hugged, he/she will then try to do it. So he/she then begins to hug mommy, daddy maybe even his/her teddy bear.

Milestone 6: Sitting up (24 to 36 weeks)

Maybe not by themselves, but everyone needs some help once in a while. So your baby may just need a little help getting up. But after a few weeks your baby will be able to get up on his/her own. A true delight.

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Milestone 7: Crawling (32 to 36 weeks)

Before you realize it, your baby is strong enough to crawl on his/her own. Now you have the trouble or the pain of watching them all the time. To make sure he/she is safe and secure. We all know the old saying, no pain, no gain. Knowing your baby can crawl may be scary, but it’s definitely delightful!

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Milestone 8: Finger food (36 to 52 weeks)

Around 9 months, you may have noticed your baby picking up whatever he/she can find and putting it in their mouths. Soon babies tend to say no to the baby spoon and there’s a fury for finger food. Babies are smart and they soon realize the existence of gravity, which from their view turns out to be amusing.

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Milestone 9: Stands (52 weeks)

Standing on their own is a big milestone in the baby’s first year. All they have to do now is move from one place to another.

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Milestone 10: First step (36 to 68 weeks)

This is probably the most eventful milestone. Watching your baby take his/her first step is exciting. Walking requires coordination, focus, and confidence. Some babies may walk off and never look back while others take a while longer and may cruise along the furniture. No matter what your baby will get there!

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