10 Of The Biggest Beauty Mistakes New Moms Make

10 Of The Biggest Beauty Mistakes New Moms Make

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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It’s no wonder that pregnancy can take a good toll over a woman’s usual habits. This should be avoided at any cost. Being a mother means you already have enough responsibility on your shoulder, pushing you further away from your daily beauty routine. In this way, you are prone to creating a new beauty mistake unlike before. The following are 10 common beauty mistakes that almost every new mom makes.

1. Forgetting to apply sunscreen

For most women, becoming a mom means spending countless hours outside with their baby in strollers or on trips to beaches, parks, or zoos. Also, since most of the wrinkles come from that raging heat of the sun, it’s time you start protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Always step out of the house after you’re done putting sunscreen to your whole body. Also, remember to reapply it whenever you get a chance.

2. You don’t protect your hair from the angry sun

It is a known fact that your hair needs as much protection from the sun as your skin. You cannot possibly go out without applying anything to protect your skin or covering your hair. This becomes true in those cases when you already have your hair colored, as the sun could cause the dye to fade away. Hence, you can try protective sprays, or even better, go for a sun hat, which is another way to shield your locks from the sun.

3. Wearing too much makeup

As you carry your baby to almost every occasion you go to, it makes it harder for you to maintain your usual makeup. In addition to that, the drooly and grabby-hands of your baby will do wonders to your made-up face. Note the sarcasm, here. Therefore, choose a natural look for yourself and opt for makeup supplies that are long-lasting as well as water-proof.

4. Your hands seem dry and cracked

With your baby around, your hands tend to do the never-ending work of diaper-changing along with the time-to-time washing of bottles, making your hands dry and sometimes even looking cracked. So, keeping a healing ointment with you is a good option, when as you know you will be touching your baby too with these hands.

5. Have you stopped shaving?

Okay, before you roll your eyes to this, remember that you cannot really go cuddling with your husband when you are hairy. Kind of silly, but hey, feeling good about yourself is important for the health of your marriage. Maybe you feel too lazy to care about your hairy legs, but don’t stop doing it if it helps you feel nice.

6. You forget to wash your face before heading to bed

While breastfeeding your baby, it is very common for you to fall asleep, as, after all, you have spent quite a time chasing your toddler today. However, do not forget, it is very important to remove all the makeup, dirt and bacteria that may still be lingering on your face. Hence, keep cleansing wipes with you and take a minute or two to wipe that dirt off your face.

7. You ignore your feet

You happen to ignore the fact that your feet require some of your attention, and you continue to do that until you develop painful calluses that start to make your evening strolls to the park a mere torture. Therefore, do not forget to scrub rough areas as often as you can with a foot file and also, moisturize your feet after your shower.

8. You do not carry an emergency ‘fix-it’ kit

You never know when the gleaming sun and your usual hustle-bustle will make you feel the need of having a quick ‘fix’, which can only be possible if you carry your own emergency kit stashed with hair ties, bobby pins, eyeliner, kohl, concealer and lip balms.

9. You don’t make time for exercising

This is almost near to impossible, but it is possible. Exercising is very important for maintaining your shape and health, and to keep up with your little ones. Walks and mini workouts can help you a lot in releasing stress and increasing circulation.

10. You don’t drink sufficient water

Drinking sufficient amount of water throughout the day is very important, but of course, it is also very usual for you to forget to drink the right amount with the hectic days. Whatever the case is, try to drink water as much as you can, as water helps in keeping your weight in control, and will keep your hair skin and nails healthy.











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