10 Products You Need To Break Up With Immediately

10 Products You Need To Break Up With Immediately

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Beauty products are irresistible. Every new launch comes with a price, some in terms of money and other in terms of skin damage. Here are 10 products you need to completely do away with, immediately.

1. Harsh Exfoliants


Exfoliants are great at removing dead skin and pulling away any dullness. Except for times when you use a harsh exfoliant. Exfoliants if not picked properly can do more harm than good to your skin. Most women face problems of irritation, dryness and a high chance of acne. This is mainly a result of harsh exfoliants that include ground nutshells, pits or sharp microbeads as their exfoliating agent. In order to avoid such possibilities, invest in exfoliants that have smooth beads such as that of jojoba for flawless skin.

2. Perfumed Products

Most products that come out in the market are perfumed, but with the perfume comes the chances of irritation. Artificial perfumes are always a no no so before purchasing a product, look for natural ingredients or scents. Look for products that consists of a base product that in itself is perfumed. For example, a Cocoa Butter Lotion would automatically be perfumed if it consists of organic cocoa.

3. Hair Removal Creams

hair removal cream

Hair removal creams can be easy and quick to use. But the reason behind their effectiveness are the chemicals they are made up of. Most Hair removal creams open up your pores and allow for the hair to be easily pulled out. Damage is hence not caused just by chemicals but through constant opening and closing of pores. Women who constantly use hair removal creams suffer from open pores that can look unpleasant in nature.

4. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is an essential in many products. From lotions to makeup, it’s everywhere. But a lesser known fact is that mineral oils clog pores causing an increase in blackheads, eruptions and blemishes. Look out for products that are paraffin free or petroleum oil free. Look for glycerin based products that can bring out a beautiful glow to any skin texture.

5. Soap

Regular soap can be drying. Instead of investing in a soap and a moisturiser, go for a cleanser. Cleansers do the job but also provide for the added nourishment your skin needs. Cleansers never strip away the natural oils but come with ingredients such as milk or almond oil that leaves you with better skin.

6. Alcohol based Products

Alcohol, like most products mentioned above are drying. Alcohol based products do seem better on your skin when used but in the long run, they can be harmful. Opt for a water based or glycerin based products to avoid dryness as dryness can lead to other issues such as irritation, acne etc.

7. Permanent to semi-permanent hair color

Playing with color can be so much fun. A new hair color can not just change your look but also change your overall personality. Though color can be fun, research suggests that long term use of hair colors especially darker tones can lead to a risk of bladder cancer. Try opting for natural or organic colors instead.

8. Nail Polish

Nail Colors like hair colors can brighten anyones day. It is a known fact that nail colors are always to be used in a well ventilated area but research shows that the fumes or toxins that come with your nail color can be damaging your brain processing speed. Try to use well known brands that follow beauty standards and make sure to throw out any old products.

9. Antiperspirants

Though antiperspirants seem helpful, they hold high levels of aluminium salts. Most aluminium salts are known to be the leading cause of cancer. Breast cancer and the use of aluminium salts have always been linked in the past especially when you shave and immediately use an antiperspirant. Try opting for natural deodorants to lower any risks.

10. Vitamin A in sunscreen

Vitamin A or Retinol is usually found in more than half of the sunscreens produced. Though it might seem fit, Vitamin A when exposed to the sun can be harmful and is a leading cause to cancer. Vitamin A may be harmful in the sun but is friendly when used in the dark and hence nwill be found in many leading night creams.