10 Reasons That Make You A Cool Stay At Home Mom

10 Reasons That Make You A Cool Stay At Home Mom

24 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Stay-at-home mom. The picture that comes to mind immediately when you hear this term is that of a ‘housewife’ whose only concern is – “I wonder if Mihir will finally marry Tulsi”. (Pardon my limited soap opera knowledge). However, it’s very important to address that stay at home moms are so much more than just that. Especially in this day and age. Shrug those naysayers and take a look at these 10 reasons that make you a cool stay at home mom.

1. You build a schedule/routine

on schedule mom

You would think stay at home moms have all the time in the world and hence can move at their own pace as they please. Sorry to say, this is a glaringly wrong assumption. Stay at home moms have their ‘A’ game on when it comes to scheduling, organising and following a well structured routine. They religiously plan their day around their kid and manage to accomplish all the tasks and more in that given day. A youtuber I follow, Rachel Talbott, who dwells upon keeping up a structured routine never fails to impress me with her efficiency as a stay at home.

2. The multitasker!

multitasking mom

Stay at home moms excel in efficiency. They make their own baby food, indulge in play with their little toddlers, read books and rhymes to them, do the household chores and also work. Most stay at home moms these days are in fact ‘work from home moms’. These moms are those who perform all the above tasks in the best way possible, not leaving any task half-done. I just don’t know how you do it all!

3. You take up an activity

Moms these days have so many dimensions in their lives. Many stay at home moms take up their hobbies like gardening, sketching, crafting things etc. They grow their own organic foods, indulge in Yoga and meditation, exercise and even knit. They manage to retain the hobbies they once loved engaging in and also take up new ones to try. If you thought stay at home moms were plain and boring, think again!

4. You take DIYs very seriously

activity mom

Stemming from the above point, are the moms who worship platforms like pinterest and Youtube where they learn and try new things on a daily basis. These are the moms who you are often awestruck by when they have the ‘do it at home’ solution to every material problem. They have such a vast bank of knowledge that you are often taken aback.

5. A penny for your thoughts?

The blogging moms! Moms do have a lot to say, don’t they? Why not put it across on an online forum. Stay at home moms who blog for a living or otherwise have so much information to share relating to parenthood, pregnancy, homeschooling etc. They share tips, different ways of doing things and so many more ideas to enlighten other moms. Some moms don’t just blog mom-related stuff but also share their opinions on various socio-political issues on effective forums like Twitter and Facebook.

6. The moms who run the business, literally

diy mom

I’ve known and appreciated so many stay at home moms who are proud business owners and they do it all so well without a complaint and more importantly they manage to do it all from home. Now, that takes talent! These moms manage their accounts, take care of their business and also let’s not forget, manage the household and takes care of their kid too. How do you pull it off?

7. The documenting mom

documenting mom

We all have come across such moms and love them for documenting their child’s every move. They have on record each of their child’s milestones, they have saved all the cherishable firsts like their baby’s first onesie, their first drawing and such. These are usually also the moms who indulge in scrapbooking their baby’s milestones and oh, they do it so beautifully.

8. The Group mom

These are the stay at home moms who prefer not to spend their whole day stuck at home, by themselves but rather join groups with other moms, like play-groups, book clubs, kitty parties and such. This way they have the chance to interact with other moms, discuss issues regarding their children and talk about other things as well. The moms who do this also serve to help their kids socialise with the other moms kids, enabling them to play and learn together.

9. The moms who always have supplies on hand

mom with supplies

These are the stay at home moms we all love who are always packed with food, drinks, extra clothing and anything else their baby or another person’s baby need. They are always ready and very rarely surprised by ‘accidents’ and other unexpected events. They always pack extra and are never short on supplies. Oh! Don’t we all love these moms.

10. The moms with the big guns, yes I’m talking about muscles

Being a stay at home mom for a long enough time, most women may notice they have never been fitter than this period in their life. Running after your toddler, constantly bending to pick up thrown things, cleaning up after play and of course the heavy lifting tasks like picking up the baby, adjusting the high chair, rocking the baby to sleep. By this point, you probably could arm-wrestle ten men and win all ten times.











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