10 Sexy Things Couples Should Do To Reignite The Spark

10 Sexy Things Couples Should Do To Reignite The Spark

1 Jul 2022 | 2 min Read


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Couples, both young and old, have that one secret that keeps them going strong. Most couples are defined by that bond between them that keeps them tied together, the one thing that will undoubtedly make them come closer in an instant. Little things that your partner does can change your mood instantaneously, such as hugging you from the back or having his hands wrapped around you while kissing your neck.

So here are some of the sexiest things that couples can do for each other that will only strengthen their bond.

1. That sweet spot

Take your bra off at the end of the day and let him rub the spot that has been marred with the tight elastic.

2. Your hero

Your husband can cook a lavish meal for you when you come back exhausted after work.

3. Sing me to sleep

Playing with your hair, sliding his fingers through them until you sleep, especially when you are tired.

4. Possessive and proud of it

Holding your hand or waist in public to flaunt that you are all his.

5. You don’t always need space

Pulling you closer to his chest in the middle of the night and kissing your forehead.

6. The man of the house

Keeping the kids distracted so you can get a desperately needed nap.

7. The best end to the day

Your husband slips into the bathtub or shower while you are in, just to relax with you after a long day at work.

8. Surprise surprise!

A spontaneous ‘I love you’ that throws you off guard while in the midst of an important conversation, making your heart flutter.

9. Tease him till he can’t take it anymore

Wiping your wet hair in the morning, in front of him while he watches, the scent of your hair making him want you even more.

10. Under the table

Subtle footsies in a restaurant under the table take you by surprise while building up intimacy between you two.











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