10 Signs That You Guys Are The Coolest Couple Ever

10 Signs That You Guys Are The Coolest Couple Ever

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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Are you comfortable talking about anything to everything around him? If yes, then you and your partner can be counted under the category of ‘coolest couples’. Your personalities match and you don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like or act like someone new in the presence of each other. Here are 10 signs that will help you figure out if you fall under the category of ‘cool couple’.

1. Not that sappy

You do find yourself being emotional sometimes, but being too emotional over certain matters is just not your thing. Even if you two have an argument, you think over, sort it out and get back to the old, same path of your relationship. No drama, no sentimental speeches!

2. You kid about the socially unacceptable topics

You don’t care how people would judge you for your choice of jokes and talk about farts, poop and other, otherwise scandalous, topics with each other. No wonder you know how much of an importance your other half holds, and you just cannot imagine having such conversations with any other person.

3. PDA (Personal Displays of Affection) is not a necessity

You do like to hold hands or get hugs, but building an obsession over such gestures doesn’t suit you at all. As long as you get that affection, you are okay with it being any kind of PDA.

4. Best relationship guru

If your friends come running to you for relationship advice, then believe it already—you are the coolest couple. This is obvious because seeing the beautiful relationship the two of you have, your friends believe only you can solve their dilemmas or problems without getting into an argument or debate. After all, friends do really know the most there is to know about you.

5. No controlling, No pressure

You feel no need to control each other and you definitely don’t feel bad when your partner all of a sudden stops texting you. You know about each other so well that you prefer to give the needed space to each other. What else do you need?

6. Pranks and no hard feelings

You play pranks on each other, and while getting pranked you muster no hard feelings. You play, you fight, but in the end, your love makes it all fair. Getting pranked is not a big deal when you deal with the pranks by equally taking the part in it.

7. Awkward silence! What is that?

When you are comfortable around each other, you know there’ll be no such thing as an ‘awkward silence’ between the two of you. You either have a nice conversation or simply just enjoy the welcoming silence. Nothing is awkward about it.

8. You know you’ve got it when you’re together

With you having each other’s company, you know how well you’ll be able to manage any hard situation that will occur in life. You belong to each other and bring out the best in the other. You are the sun to his sky, cherry to his cake and the cheese to his pizza. You don’t need to worry about anything because you’ve got each other.

9. Netflix and chill. Hell, yeah!

No, we are not talking about hooking up here, although we know that’s important too, but just watching TV and hanging in the house in your PJs is your thing. Food and TV—that is your idea of chilling with each other.

10. You do go out

You don’t always sit at home and chill. You like to plan your dates according to each other’s interests. You’re always trying to figure out new places to visit because you know how good those places will feel to you when you’re together. You are with each other and don’t forget to show it to each other. Couples that find that the above ten points are a lot like their relationship with their partner understand and encourage each other to just be themselves, therefore bringing out the best in each other. Your relationship is in good shape and only has the possibility of getting better. So, did you find that your relationship is anything like this?











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