10 Signs That Youve Absolutely Nailed Parenting

10 Signs That Youve Absolutely Nailed Parenting

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Parenting is one of the greatest adventures of your life. No adventure comes without hiccups. But the key feature of an adventure is overcoming the hiccup. Parenting is much like that. It’s crazy fun and tiring and challenging but try hard enough and there’s no milestone you can’t reach. These are some of the signs that show you’re doing parenting right.

1. Toys… Everywhere

If your house is littered with toys, I’d give you a 10/10 in parenting. It’s a sign that you probably don’t just sit your kid down in front of the TV or computer to keep the little one distracted. It also shows that there’s probably a lot of playing together that happens in your home because, let’s face it, no one can resist the cool new toys they make for kids.

2. Wet Wipes Paradise

One of the surest signs of successful parenting is having a pack of wet wipes or tissues in every room and corner of your house. Kids are messy, there’s no denying that. Having wipes handy everywhere shows that you’ve learnt through experience and that you’re extremely well equipped to handle any mess your little demon can dish out.

3. Pin Drop Silence

If your house ever has even an hour of quietness, it means you’ve either managed to play with and tired that little monster out, or that you’ve kept him well fed that it needed a nap. Either ways, it shows that you are owning the whole parenting thing.

4. Happy You

If you are happy, your parenting skills are a success. A lot of mums tend to get stressed and cry, and a lot of dads tend to be be unhappy dealing with all the excess stress. If you’ve managed to stay positive and happy, it shows that you know how to handle anything in the parenting game.

5. Punctuality

Earlier on, you might have been stuck chasing that baby around the house for half an hour trying to get him to bathe and smell presentable. But now, you are out of the house in under 20 minutes and at your destination 10 minutes early, both of you smelling rosy fresh.

6. Baby no. 2?

If you find yourself already thinking about having or wanting to have another child, it obviously means you’ve parented so well that you’re going to miss it.

7. Strong Stomach

Nothing grosses you out anymore. Stepped in dog poo? Wipe it off with your handy wet wipes and deal with it properly when you get home. Baby puked on you? Not a problem, you just bought that new floral scented detergent. Your kid would have prepared you for any situation with all the bodily fluid explosions you’ve experienced.

8. A Colorful Fridge

The fact that you have a lot of random sheets of paper decorated with random crayon squiggles jazzing up your refrigerator shows how encouraging you are of your child’s artwork. The number one sign of good parenting is being encouraging of your kids’ hobbies and passions.

9. Multi-limbed

You often find yourself cooking, rocking your baby to sleep and talking on the phone at the same time. You are the master of multitasking and that goes a long way as far as parenting is concerned. You could do with this useful skill when your kid puked on the floor and is proceeding to crawl away from you and towards the carpet.

10. The Flash

If you can get in and out of the grocery store within 10 minutes and remember to pick up everything on your list, you have officially unlocked the speedy parent achievement. Congratulations.

If you find yourself exhibiting any of the above, you should be very proud of yourself because it isn’t easy. Give yourself a pat on the back and continue doing what you’re doing. You’re a superstar!











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