10 Simple Tricks To Handle A Colicky Baby

10 Simple Tricks To Handle A Colicky Baby

30 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is indeed a very helpless situation when your baby is wailing away in pain and discomfort. Your baby is definitely healthy and having colic is very common. While there’s nothing to really worry about, a crying baby can be very stressful for you as a parent. Below are 10 simple ways you can help your baby find relief. Note: What might work for one colicky baby may not work for another. Trial and error is the only way.

1. Warm Water

Try placing a warm water bag on the baby’s tummy. The warmness usually has a soothing effect on the baby. If you do not have a water bag, you can also use a towel dipped in warm water.

2. Massage

Giving your baby a hot oil massage might just do the trick. If you decide to give a massage observe how your baby responds. If the baby gets crankier make sure you do not proceed.

3. Recreate the womb

The womb is the safest place for your baby. If you try to recreate a womb environment by playing some rhythmic and soothing sounds your baby may find some comfort. Babies usually hear gentle whooshing noises when they’re in the womb.

4. Silence

Sometimes, a still and quiet environment may please the baby’s senses. It could be that the baby is trying to get some rest but the surroundings are very disturbing. As the baby grows the stimulation gets sharper.

5. Move around

At times all the baby wants is some gentle rocking. You could invest in a cradle or tie the baby to yourself and rock it back and forth. You can also try gentle up and down bouncing while the baby is latched onto you.

6. Drive around

This is one of the best tried and tested methods. Take your baby for a spin. The motion, noise, and change in surroundings are said to be some of the best ways to help a colicky baby. Although you should make sure you don’t take the baby to a high traffic area.

7. Position

Changing your baby’s position might also help. It’s possible the baby is more comfortable in another position but is unable to move on its own. Try putting the baby on its back. Keep changing the position till the baby finds relief.

8. Snuggle

Swaddling is an ancient way of making the baby feel all snuggled up and protected from the environment. The baby is bound to fall and stay asleep if it’s wrapped up properly in a blanket or cloth. Swaddling keeps the baby from twitching and so the baby is less likely to wake up.

9. Bath

Try giving your baby a warm water bath. It is said that if you spray warm water on your baby’s back the feeling helps in relaxing the baby. A bath also distracts your baby from any kind of irritation.

10. Pacifier

Generally, you wouldn’t prefer if your baby keeps sucking on its finger or you wouldn’t want your baby to get used to a pacifier. But when your babyis colicky anything that calms your baby down is fine. For some babies sucking it the ultimate soother.

Colic doesn’t stay forever but it does stay for quite some time. Some of the above ways are sure to help your baby stay calm. Don’t lose your sanity over a crying baby, keep calm, and visit your doctor if things get too out of control. Another important factor is to keep your diet under strict supervision.

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