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10 Things About Men You Only Discover After Getting Married Xyz

10 Things About Men You Only Discover After Getting Married Xyz

26 Apr 2022 | 5 min Read


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Marriage brings two people closer on another level entirely. Apart from being overly comfortable around each other, you will begin to see a side of him that you never knew existed. No matter how close you were to your husband before you got married, there are some things that you only discover after you get married to each other.

Some of these things may make you cringe, others will make you fall a little more in love with him.

1. How messy he is

It can be very difficult to deal with the fact that your man is just not going to stop being a hot mess – literally. He comes home from work, dumps his bag on the floor and collapses on the couch. He then stomps off to the bathroom while still wearing his socks. *cringe*

But oh well, he looks so cute doing all of this that you automatically forgive him anyway.

2. He likes the cold

Even if it is not summer anymore, he wants the AC and fan left on. It doesn’t make sense at all. It’s less than 20 degrees out and he does not feel the need to wear jackets or socks. In fact, he feels hot when it is 24 degrees.

But the moment he finds that you are feeling cold, he will gently wrap a jacket around you. So, it’s all chill.

3. He doesn’t believe in closing the door

Whether it is the bathroom door, kitchen cabinet or bathroom medicine cabinet – he just does not close it. You end up walking in on their nature calls, bumping into an open cupboard or ramming your knee against a shelf door left open.

You have married a child – there is no other explanation for this.

4. He is super emotional

He may be the strongest man you ever met – who else can help kickstart your bike? But when it comes to little things like watching ‘Taare Zameen Par’ or if your pet puppy got a little boo-boo, he just tears up. In fact, now that you are married, he does not even try to hide it.

He confides in you completely and you are not going to complain.

5. He is so lazy

He has all the energy and strength in the world to cheer for his favourite cricket or football team, but when it comes to fetching a glass of water or even walking up to the table to grab a plate of food, he is just too lazy. However, as long as he is still taking the time to tell you if your outfit looks nice, it is okay.

6. Such a sweetheart

He does all these little things every day that he thinks you don’t notice – kissing your forehead when he thinks you are sleeping, pulling the covers up around you so you sleep better, and leaving that extra slice of pizza for you and claiming to be too full with his stomach grumbles away, because he does not want you to stay mad at him.

This just makes you fall even more in love with him, as you realize he loves you just as much.

7. No putting things back in place

He will take his toothbrush and toothpaste from the bathroom, walk over to the living room, leave the toothpaste on the table while doing his stretches and forget all about the toothpaste. The same goes for the car keys, wallet, shaving cream and pretty much anything he touches.

When he is getting late for office, he will frantically search for it everywhere except the one place he actually left it – and you would always know exactly where he left it because you know him way too well.

All’s well that ends well.

8. Bathroom floor is never dry

Your hubby turns into a sea monster when he is in the bathroom. He sprays water everywhere, not just within the shower cubicle. Outside the cubicle, around the wash basin, near the toilet – every square inch of the bathroom floor is covered in water by the time he is done taking a shower. How he does it remains unknown.

9. His baby photos

Oh, these are ones that you will treasure for the rest of your life. These photos are shown by one of his relatives of course. A cuter, tinier version of your husband wearing diapers! It makes you want to make some more copies of him, eh?

10. Indecisive about food

He may say that he does not want a bite of that chocolate bar, but as soon as you open it and begin to eat it, he grabs it right out of your hand and devours it in under a minute. No matter how many times you ask him if he is hungry, you will not get an honest reply until after you prepare a dish.











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