10 Things That Are Okay To Keep From Your Partner Xyz

10 Things That Are Okay To Keep From Your Partner Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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So, stay committed and be in love with each other. But don’t try to dig up your past because you know it very well that it could tarnish your relationship or it could strengthen your marriage. Here are 10 things that you should keep in mind.

The Secret Hookup.

There could be a point when you were too high or too lonely or just way too frustrated and you hooked up with some other guy. It is entirely fine to not spit it out, and in detail, before your partner. If both of you are loyal, this is alright. Let bygones be bygones.

About the ex or exes.

You do not need to share all the stories of your ex or exes or the relationship you shared with them. Focus on the present and do not spoil it with something that does not matter at all anymore.

What you feel about his ex.

Maybe he is still in touch with his ex or maybe you bumped into each other some day and you are still pissed about it. It is natural to be jealous of their ex but you do not have to express it all the time.

That you have a secret stash of cash.

You can have some secret savings of your own with which you can treat yourself or do whatever you want without having to tell anyone, even if it is your husband. So relax!

That you think of your ex sometimes.

Even if you moved ahead after burying your past, it might haunt you sometimes. It is okay to sometimes think of your ex and remember the happy times you had with them. But thinking of them does not mean you are still into them, so just do not worry your husband with this thought.

A lie you told them for their own sake.

When you love someone, you do things for them that are indirectly good for them, if not directly. There could be some incident when you had to lie to them or hide something just for the sake of their happiness. You need not feel guilty about it.

That you are not into those cheesy-greasy talks.

You do not have to be the cheesy and romantic kind of woman. But your husband could be that kind of man. So it is okay to sometimes bear with all that cheese and not break their heart by telling them to stop.

That your girlfriends did not like him.

Maybe when you began dating or were going to get married, your girlfriends did not approve of him. If you tell this to your man he might feel bad because he knows that your girl gang is important to you. But as you know that you are in love with a person and can deal with things, just do not tell him this.

That you did not want to get married in the first place.

Marriage is a hard decision that changes everything about one’s life. It is possible that at some point you were really scared or had bad thoughts about the idea of getting married. But now, if you are happy and content just let go of that feeling and live in the moment.

What you think of his mum.

The two most important women in his life are probably you and his mum. He loves you both to moon and back and would not be happy to hear that one of you does not like the other. So, it is better to try and not have hard feelings for his mom. Relax and try to be happy.











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