10 Things To Do To Tame Your Kids Tantrums

10 Things To Do To Tame Your Kids Tantrums

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Kids are cuddlebums. They are little angels. But clearly, they are also little devils, cute devils though. If there’s one thing that kids know how to do very well, it’s how to throw a tantrum.

If there was an Olympics for tantrums, I’m sure everyone would vouch that their kid would win that. Tantrums can get embarrassing when in public, and be a nuisance in general. Here are some ways to tame them.

1. Ignore It

Many-a-times, kids are just looking for attention. Throwing tantrums is one sure shot way of getting that attention. If you want to make the tantrum stop, try ignoring it. When they see that their tactic isn’t working, they’ll probably stop and try doing something to get your attention.

2. Time-Out:

Give your kid a time out. Put him in his crib or tell her she can’t play with her toys for 10 minutes. This will let the kid know that what he/she is doing is unacceptable and not to be repeated. The punishment they are receiving is something they will want to avoid in the future and if they know that the tantrum has led to that punishment, they will probably try to avoid throwing any more tantrums.

3. Distraction

One trick that many parents have found useful is to distract their kid. Kids have quite short attention spans so distracting them is quite easy. If something has happened that’s disturbed your child, try dangling a toy in front of them or playing a game. This will take their mind off whatever it was that upset them in the first place.

4. Hug

Some mothers have found that simply holding or hugging their kid has helped stop the tantrum. This body contact is comforting and makes the child feel protected and safe. Sometimes. This is enough to stop a tantrum. It’ll make your little one feel loved and happy.

5. Laugh

Try to make your child laugh. This stems from the whole short attention span thing. Do something funny like making a silly face or tickling your kid. It’ll make them forget why they were upset and make them laugh instead.

6. Speak Softly

We often tend to speak loudly or harshly to kids when they’re doing something wrong to let them know that what they’re doing is not acceptable. However, many-a-times this just aggravates the kid further. Speaking softly makes them feel calmer and it shows that you are concerned and that you want to help

7. DO NOT Give In

This is extremely important. No matter how bad the tantrum is, do not give your child what he/she is throwing a tantrum for. Doing that will show them that throwing tantrums will get them what they want, and it’ll be harder to stop the tantrum the next time around.

8. Location Change

Some parents have found that moving their kid from one room to another has been enough to do the trick. This could be because they have been moved from the problem situation as well as the fact that you’re picking them up and holding them. The body contact, as mentioned before, makes them feel secure.

9. Negotiate

This could be in the form of ultimatums, either positive or negative. Tell your child that if she doesn’t stop behaving badly, you’ll take away that treat that was in store for her. Or, inversely, if she behaves well, she’ll get a treat. Try to come to some sort of understanding without giving into the tantrum.

Be patient, because children are children and they don’t know how to communicate their frustration. Try to understand the reason for the frustration. It’s important to make sure your kid doesn’t feel insignificant or threatened. The great part is, once you find a technique that works, you can keep using it.











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