10 Things To Include In Your Baby’S First Aid Kit

10 Things To Include In Your Baby’S First Aid Kit

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Babies are curious little fellows and as they experience growth, this curiosity grows with them, making them more conscious of their new surroundings. The one thing that keeps them busy all the time is their ‘want’ to play all the time. They want to explore anything to everything they find interesting. They trip and fall, they scratch and bruise themselves. Also, with their nibbling tendency, they would nibble on anything they find edible. While this may seem very cute, the need to prepare a special first-aid box for them cannot be neglected. Therefore, make sure you have a big zipped up box with the following things, which are necessary to include in a baby’s first aid kit.

1. Bandages

Bandages have always a saviour, especially when it comes to kids. Children tend to believe that any cut, whether small or big, will be healed by a band-aid, which according to them, has super healing properties. So make sure to include a number of assorted sterile bandages. You can also buy a few colourful and decorated ones. Believe us when we say that these will make your child’s boo-boo instantly feel better.

2. Antibiotic ointment

An antibiotic ointment will come in handy while covering slight abrasions like scraped knees or small cuts, which your toddler will experience if he/she decides to take a stroll on his/her own.

3. Tweezers

Tweezers come in play when your baby’s tiny-weeny feet, covered in dust or sand, gets splinters stuck in it. They can easily help you in pulling anything that is stuck on your baby’s bare foot. This way, you can also avoid the loud melt-down of your baby easily.

4. Thermometer

When your baby is less than 6 months old, it becomes hard, even for your maternal skills to predict whether he/she has a fever or not, and for such cases, you must have a digital thermometer in your first-aid kit, which should work fine and reads quickly. Also, do not forget to include its cover. You can always buy cute thermometers with equally cute covers for your babies, so they would be paying more attention to the cuteness of the thermometer rather than distracting you.

5. Pack of tissues

Whether you’re at home or planning to travel somewhere with your baby, there will always be crying and a nosey mess. Therefore, carrying a brand new packet of tissues will help you with your baby’s sniffles and tears. (And yours too!)

6. Teething gel

Growing babies have the tendency to nibble or they eventually start with teething. Hence, including some amount of baby Orajel for in your kit would prove itself useful anytime.

7. Pain reliever/fever medication

With a change in the weather, babies experience feverish symptoms and eventually fall ill too. Therefore, after consulting with your baby’s paediatrician, include Tylenol or Motrin, as they will recommend the same when your baby’s fever is high. All you need to do is keep an eye on the concentration and the correct dosage. (For this, it always makes sense to make a quick call to the paediatrician before you give them the medicine.)

8. Antiseptic cleanser

A quick swab of an anti-infective or antiseptic on a wound will help in securing it from any sort of bacteria from infecting it. It is especially helpful when you have no water with you or nearby. However, make sure of not including alcohol-based cleansers, as these can sting and are not the best for open cuts or wounds.

9. Eyewash

An eye-wash will help soothe anything that is troubling your little one’s eyes. However, babies usually don’t like using these things on their eyes, so you need to be wary of that and use it accordingly.

10. Scissors, safety pins and adhesive tape

Last, but not least, these three are a useful trio for your first-aid for cutting, sticking or fixing the gauges or other dressing for your baby. Just make sure your baby never get’s their hands on them.











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